Monday, April 8, 2013

The Mythology of the "Legend of Twells" series. Part 1: "Land of the 12 kings".

Millions of years ago, in the days before the The Throne created the Houses of the Golden Scepter, this period was known simply as The Wake. Because time had not been invented, no one is sure how long this period lasted.  The High elder, Fallon, after cursing mortals with the blood and incantations that gave birth to Vampires, Wolf and Cat creatures known as The Shattows, led a revolt with half of the 1,000 elders and half of the angelic like creatures known as  Myathians  against the Throne.
     The Throne was disappointed with Fallon and sought to have him removed from his seat of power which set next to the very Throne.  But having learned his power from the Throne, Fallon was proving to be more powerful than once believed to be.  In an unprecedented act never since repeated, The Throne removed himself from his seat of power to take hold of Fallon and cast him into the deep blackness of the Abyss. The Throne then called for the destruction of the elders and Myathians who fought alongside Fallon.  However, three elders had chosen not to side with Fallon or the Throne.  For this reason, the Throne spared them.
But chaos was upon the land of mortals as immortal creatures sought to gain power over them.  The Throne recognized that mortals were more than capable of having rule over themselves, but the Stellars, what the immortals became known as by the Throne, were to always be ruled by the occupants of the first of the three houses of the golden scepter.  But who would be suitable to have authority over the Stellars?  The throne left this decision with the chief Warrior Priest over the second house, known as the House of the Warriors Priests.  His name was Billum, and was chief over the six Warrior Priests who ruled over the house.  Billum allowed the Stellars to form their own Kingdoms, but only within the boundaries of their nation.  This nation was known as The Dark Nation. But after searching many years for one to rule in the first house that would bear their name, he turned his attention to a place that was always the target of the Dark Nation.
Twelve kings had made a bound to stand shoulder to shoulder against the Dark Nation.  Their Kingdoms were among the first to ever be established upon the earth and combined, had a citizenship of over 3 million citizens.
The kingdoms involved were: Menia, Pru, Vestige, Lutz, Twells, Placia, Dirks, Raison, Wull, Xen, Flanders and the chief among them all, Gorin.  King Gorin was a strong warrior who commanded an army of a million soldiers made up from the armies  of the other kingdoms.  Gorin put fear into the hearts of the Stellars.  But a vampire from the Dark Nation fell in love with the beautiful wife of Gorin.  Soon she found herself hopelessly in love with the very handsome creature.  Listening to her heart, she became a vampire and left to live among them in the Dark Nation.  Heartbroken, Gorin swore vengeance and launched an all out war to win the love of his life back into his arms.  But it was futile.  Gorin's army had been surrounded, soon leaving Gorin to stand alone against hundreds of hungry vampires.  After his fall, his son became king.  Billum was impressed with the wisdom and strength of the 12 kings, appointing them all to rule over the first house, coming to be known as The House of the Twelve Kings.  In return for the heavenly rule, Billum promised to personally watch over their kingdoms and its people. After thousands of years, Twells would emerge as the last kingdom to remain standing as one of the original kingdoms that made up the land of the Twelve Kings.

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