Monday, August 13, 2012

Last 'Hello'

    We'll pretend that by strange coincidence, we have arrived at this familiar place once again.
We'll pretend that sadness is truly joy and that this unexpected meeting is 'good'.   This is the circle we have come together briefly to complete.  What began, now ends.

We'll discuss the small, the trivial.  Avoiding like sickness the more relevant, detailed morsels of our forward singular progression without the other.  We'll pretend that a familiar smile now offers nothing more, than a casual 'welcome'.  Un-chained from our dialogue are the words that pulled and pushed us together, then apart.  I'll even foolishly pretend that my heart is un-chained from yours.  But inside, the links cannot be broken.

We'll pretend that life is normal.  With a kind smile we'll separate, honoring the space we have reserved for another.  As I slowly turn to walk away I'll lie.  Telling myself that it wasn't as difficult as I had assumed it would be.  However strange, yet stranger still, I will be convinced that you felt the same.  We'll walk away, maybe to never see the face of the other again.  I won't look back.  Because I'll know, you won't look back.

Somewhere I'll get lost in the crowd.  Lost inside of me once again, the question of you.  The pendulum has swung, forever are we lost in the tension of it's silence.  I'll take with me all that you were, yet sadden that I will never have the chance to embrace, all that you'll be.  However I'm sure as we disappear into the business of life, we'll pretend not to remember us or moments etched in our hearts.  Your warm smile, your gentle laugh.  The beauty of the ocean that day and our foot prints we left behind in the sand.  As I turn the corner in the brisk air, I'll only be reminded that winter, is coming soon.  But winter, is here.

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  1. The connected are always connected even when they break away. Remember that. :-)

    Lovely writing.