Sunday, August 12, 2012

'At first sight'.

We see what we want to see.  A desire reflected back onto ourselves.
A beautiful woman.  A desirable vixen.  An honest heart.  We are conditioned to
 be swayed by the totality of a simple glance.  We imagine that nothing as fragile as beauty
can bring us any harm.  We imagine that the petals of all delicate flowers are the envy of our hands.
We are eager to kiss lips whether they fashion lies or spit into the face of others.

We long to search eyes that are short of sight and void of vision.  However, the most sinister
of us all hide behind the beauty of opulence and majesty.  The greatest evil is the death
that hides in a kiss.  The most poisonous venom is in kind words that renders us helpless,
unable to fight off the jaws that open wide to consume us.  A willing prey requires little effort
for a cunning predator.  We are willing to ignore the fangs concealed by a smile.

The devil isn't a monster.  No, but a wonderful tree with pleasurable fruit hanging from its limbs.
A rotten tree with rotten fruit is the home of flies, not beautiful creatures.
What resides within the heart, attracts what rests outside of it.

 The prize of the eyes are the reward of the heart.
 What the eyes drink in, the heart shall have its fill.  Pay homage to vanity and grasp the air. Pay homage to modesty and the wind of grace shall dance underneath your wings.
Lifting you to heights were passion cannot.  Inspiring the heart to compose lyrics that kisses

We see what we want to see, until it is too late.  A broken heart is the result of careless eyes.
Drinking in much, but understanding little.  We attribute no crimes to beauty.  Her alibi is the
innocence we give to it.  We attribute to it truth, honesty and grace.  Beauty isn't in the eye
of the beholder but in the heart, of the fool.   We see a beautiful woman, but in reality, a murderer who happens to be, beautiful.  We see soft loving eyes, but in truth, they mask a harsh unforgiving heart.
We see wonderful full lips, but honesty is not the language they speak.

If the eyes sail upon many waters, it shall return to the heart empty treasures.  May your heart set
a course for singleness of sight.

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