Ronn E Taylor, Author

Born Ronald Earl Taylor Jr, October 27th in Detroit, Michigan.  The second of 3 sons to Ronald Earl Sr. and Ferol Anita Smith, it was clear by the age of 3 years old that music would be his first love.  By age 5 Taylor was composing his own music and  by age
12 had moved on from playing keyboards to teaching himself to play bass and drums.

However after many years of trying to break into the business of music, it had become apparent that his heart was no longer in it.  It was then that he turned to his second love which had been instilled in him by his mother, writing.  He fell in love with the work of Danielle Steele, Dean Koontz and later John Gresham.

However his love slowly begun to develop into a strong passion to pursue  it and by 2007, he  begun taking small notes on what would be the genesis of his very first novel.  By mid 2008 he completed the first chapter of his work he titled, Blindfolds.  After 4 years and 5 revisions, it was completed in 2011.  Also in that year, he would write 3 additional novels: Sword of Billum, Man on a White Throne and the soon to be published, Tenants.  Along with three short stories: Spin, Superstitious and the just published 'Evelyn Thayer'(Etopia Press).  

His approach to story telling is simple.  Interesting characters, twisted convoluted plots and then infusing them with tension.  His genre of choice is Dark Fiction, but enjoys Romance, Suspense/Thriller, Mystery and Fantasy.

Taylor currently resides in Redford, Michigan and is single.

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